Corona 3/20/2020

This was a weird week. We all closed everything and now were doing all our stuff on the internet. And the corona virus is all over America. I did my vocabulary and I’m doing the no-bakes later because my mom is working with goodwill on the Corona stuff. I haven’t been in another building since my house since school ended.

  1. How long until we go back to school?
  2. Why did it snow?!
  3. How long do you think it’ll be before it’s all over Traverse City?


musk march first 2020


1971: born June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa

1981: parents divorce when he is 10 years old

1983: sells Blastar video game for $500 at age 12

1988: attends college in Canada & US, gets degrees in physics and economics

1995: founds Zip2 with his brother

1999: sells Zip2 to Compaq for $344 million

1999: founds, an online bank that became PayPal

2000: learns how to build rockets from books

2001: decides he wants to find a way to get people to Mars affordably

2002: founds Musk Foundation dedicated to space travel and healing our planet

2002: sells PayPal to eBay for $1.5 billion in stock, gets $180 million after tax

2002: founds SpaceX, a space exploration rocket company

2002: first son is born

2003: founds Tesla, Inc

2004: twin sons born through in vitro fertilization

2006: triplet sons born through in vitro fertilization

2006: founds SolarCity, now the second largest solar power supplier in the US

2008: SpaceX receives $1.6 million NASA contract

2008: “Definitely the worst year of my life.”

2013: develops Hyperloop, an express underground highway system

2014: open-sources all Tesla technology

2015: donates $10 to the Future of Life Institute for AI research

2015: creates Open AI, an artificial intelligence company

2015: first reusable rocket reaches orbit

2016: serves as President Trump’s advisor on energy strategy and policy

2017: Model 3 Teslas sold for $35,000

2017: founds Boring Company to build tunnels to relieve street traffic

2017: founds Neuralink, safe artificial intelligence to benefit humanity

2018: donates $480,000 to install water fountains in all Flint, MI schools

2018: launches largest rocket, Falcon Heavy

2020: #TEAM TREES campaign plants 20 million trees around world

three questions

can i has musk money

can i works wit u

how do fly


ωf bf gf glardo dinci

In science we did Leonardo DA vincible. we made wanted poster. I liked making things during this unit. We also made a Leonardo DA vincible In math we made castles. In music we played music. in language we painted. in french we did stuff about people older than boomers. in art we did something.


  1. how do invent like lardo dinci
  2. how do be smort like lardo
  3. what was lardos fav colour

BOIMES 11/25/2019

This week we worked on biomes. I chose Rain Forests. The reason I chose Rain Forests is because they have THICK lily pads. My favorite part of the entire project was making my shoe box that had both of our animals and our plants. We also had to make a website with a home page, a page about human interference, a page about our two plants and a page for our two animals.

We all chose our biomes depending on nothing but preference, meaning Shane, who if you didn’t know, is our Science teacher, did not interfere in our decision. I think this is an important lesson because it shows us what is going on in our biomes, and teaches us about one specific place that we like, its also important because it teaches us about all the different types of places in the world.

Image result for amazon rainforest


1. How many species live in the Amazon?

2. How tall can the trees in the Amazon grow?

3. How many fires have been started in the Amazon?


This week we did a “play” in Science and we presented it to the 8- and 9-year-olds. These were the roles:

Me: Widow Sycamore
Aidan: Narrator
Alisha: Woody Woodpecker
Audrey: Vera Violet
Lizzie: Judge
Gus: Freddie (FOOT) Fungus

The play was basically a trial for Freddy (FOOT) Fungus. My husband Mr. Sycamore died two years after Freddy (FOOT) Fungus landed on him as a spore. We are debating if he killed Mr. Sycamore, or if he died because of old age. We all had connections to Freddy (FOOT) Fungus except for the Narrator and The Judge. I learned that Fungus is important because it help woodpeckers and flowers.

We all spoke about our connections to Mr. Sycamore and explained our relationships with him and how he effected each of us. We also talked of Freddy’s effect on us. This was important for the small ones to learn about all of the Fungus’ connections and how important it is in an ecosystem.


1. Did the small ones understand?

2. What kind of fungus is the FOOT Fungus?

3. How important was this for the small ones?


Adorable Baby Koala Mistakes Pet Dog For Its Mother 11/3

On October 6, 2019, Tony (an old terrier with inferior vision) was out in his yard in Adelaide, South Australia, with his owner Henry. Then a baby koala got on his back. The perplexed doggo struggled to get the cute koala, which was clinging to its fur, off his body. Every time he thought he had succeeded, the smart koala found a way to get back on. The careful doggo finally got rid of the koala by rolling on his back, then the koala ran back into the wood to find its real mother. Henry the owner, who recorded the incident in question, says the koala, who resides in his backyard, has recently left his mother. He thinks it might have mistook his dog for its mother.


I chose this article because. I like dogs I like koalas, and I like Australia. This story is important and it affects society because it shows how much deforestation means to the animals on our planet. This little koala couldn’t find its mother because there was no familiar terrain to help him find her.


1.  What is the size of a newborn koala?

2. How did the koala get that grip?

3. Are those amazing claws a co-evolution so it can feed on eucalyptus trees?


BORNEO CATS WEB 10/20/2019

This week we worked on parachuting cats in Borneo because we were on the topic of food webs. I made a storyboard about it:

We made either a drawing or a storyboard about parachuting cats in Borneo. We had to portray the sequence by which Malaria spreads across Borneo. The WHO sprayed DDT to kill off the mosquito population and in the process killed off the parasitic wasps because they ate the dead mosquitoes and got DDT. But the wasps also ate thatch-eating caterpillars and without the wasps they flourished and ate all of the thatch roofs. In Borneo, being an impoverished Country, there were many houses with thatched roofs. The DDT was also consumed by flies and they died of DDT which were consumed by lizards who died of DDT who were then consumed by cats who died of DDT. The death of the cats lead to flourishing rats, and rats were bad because they carried Thyphus and the Sylvatic Plague so the WHO parachuted cats into Borneo.

Food webs show the consequences formed in our food system when it is tampered with.


After studying  all of this, my questions are:

  1. Can I have a king rat?
  2. Why is there a lion in the last frame?
  3. Why are my fourth and fifth frames so trash?
  4. What can we do to prevent this from happening?

StRiX nEbUlOsA

Dear Ms. Cutatree,

I plead of you, do not cut-a-tree, a single tree, especially not my tree. I am the coolest owl out there. If you destroyed my habitat you would be killing the only owl with super hearing. My entire face is a cup so I can send all of the sound waves that hit my face straight to my ears, allowing me to hear through up to four feet of snow. My population of owls weighs from 580 to 1,900 grams, our wing spans range from 61 to 84 cm, and our usual clutch size is 3-5 eggs, so we would put up a fight. It would be hard to destroy my home anyway because we all live in dense conifer forests with bogs and meadows nearby. We also eat many things such as voles, pocket gophers, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and weasels and sometimes we even eat ducks and smaller raptors. Because of my preference for voles, I cut down on their population. If their population got too high, you humans would have to deal with all of their tunnels. You should care about us a lot because we cut down on the vole population, and we’re cute.

Not so sincerely,
Gr8 gReY oW1