smokiiin iesss badddssddd 2/21/2021

this week we worked on multiple projects. We worked on our anti smoking campaign, we stabbed pairs, and we looked into the heart. It was fun except for when I had to look for my pulse and I couldnt find it through all of my wrist/neck fat and couldnt find it. We (not including me becuase I’m lazy) also had to put one arm in the air for 2 minutes and then observe the difference between the two hands. The hand in the air’s veins were white and the other’s viens were noticably purlpler the hand in the air was also sore.

Q1: Are we dissecting a pig heart?

Q2: How similar are pig hearts to human hearts?

Q3: Why is the anatomy of a pig so similar to a human’s?

heart anatomy. Part of the human heart


This week we studied drugs, And the effects they have on the mind and body. I did my project on ecstasy, more commonly known as molly. ecstasy gives you all kinds of illnesses. As with all drugs, if you take to much you can die of overdose. It is most commonly used as a party drug which means it most commonly affects younger people.

Question 1: What is the most dealy drug?

Question 2: How old is the average person who gets addicted to drugs?

Question 3: How many people die from drugs worlwide every day?

Urine, the Revenge of the Pee 12/13/2020

This week we worked on the urinary system. This is our second week of work on the urinary system. This week was (at least for me) for finishing up our projects so we can move on to the next unit. We continued work on our storyboard-that and our candy poster urinary thing. We learned about the renal veins, the kidney, the ureters, the bladder, and the urethra. All of them play an important role in the urinary system functioning properly.

Q1: How long does it take for a liquid to go through your entire urinary system?

Q2: How long can pee stay in the bladder before it causes health issues?

Q3: Are the renal veins actually blue and red? (I can’t find an image that says otherwise)

URINE 12/6/2020

This week we worked on the urinary system. We made urinary systems made of candy and other assorted items. Ours was really small. We also made a storyboard that. Storyboard that is an online software that lets you make a storyboard with your own implemented images or existing images within their image library. My partner was Lucy. She worked on the candy ‘n’ stuff thing and I worked on the storyboard.

Q1: When is it all due?

Q2:  How many slides does the storyboard have to be minimum? ( i know you told me but I forgot).

Q3: What is our next project going to be on?


This week we worked on the digestive system. We made Google slides to represent the journey through the digestive system. We could choose a person who we could travel through the digestive system of and I chose Trump. We also had to do this weird thing where we forced our partner to chew a saltine for three minutes and then spit it onto a little cup. My partner was Lucy and she had to spit for Dylann and Audrey becuase neither of them would do it.

1. Why a saltine?

2. When are the postcards due in class?

3. How long does it usually take for food to go through the whole digestive cycle?

11/8/2020 Boney Muscles

This week we worked on bones & muscles. We memorized bones & muscles. We did tests about bones & muscles. There were bones, & there were muscles. We put names of bones and muscles on the skeletons with muscles we made. I made my skeleton wear only a large piece of brown fabric because I don’t care at all about fashion. We also took a test. The test was to ascertain our understanding of the human body. I think I did ok but I had some trouble with the different types of tissue.

1. What are the different types of tissue?

2. How good did I do on the test?

3. Should I just bring my computer to every class?


This week we had to cut a lot. We used safety scissors to cut out entire skeletons. It was supposed to be on-the-line cutting but I’m not good with scissors. I had a lot of trouble finding which bone to put where. We also had to learn about muscles. Although we didn’t learn much about them yet. Savannah had this weird ripped SpongeBob and everybody hated it. I leaned a lot about where bones go this week.


  1. How many bones do dogs have?
  2. How many muscles do humans have?
  3. How many bones do humans have?

wood ‘n stuff 9/27/2020

This week we finished our blogs and started our wood. I didn’t actually do any blog finishing this week because I was already done but we have to wright way too many sentences. seriously Shane don’t become Duncan. The wood was a lot of fun. The saw was really fun to use, but I also could’t see most of the class even though I had eye protection. Also the drilling was kind of fun but not really. Do you like the image of the drill I used, it’s pretty great. Overall I guess I could use the stuff I learned about woodcutting in the real world but not really because I have never had a situation that I needed that skill.

Wasp 9/20/2020

Hi, I’m a wasp and I hate small children. I spend most day at the coffee shop making small children cry. It’s so much fun! Like yesterday I butt-knifed an infant and she cried so loud, the entire block around her looked at her. Some days, I like to stay at the hive and talk with my friends about our most recent butt-knifes.

Stick Bug social thing 9/12/2020

Hi, I’m THE Stick Bug from the GET STICK BUGGED LOL meme, all of this fame has brought me to make this account. As all stick bugs know I only sway to stay alive so I can look like a twig in the wind. I don’t know a single stick who has ever been caught by a predator using the ancient art of swing-jitsu truly an amazing art. One day I was just going for a stroll when I saw this big cool wood thing so I climbed on top when this gigantic thing came at me holding a box and now I’m all over the internet.